A gift in your Will empowers families like Leyat’s  

Ethiopian family outside rural home

Leyat and her family run their own successful business and are living comfortably in a new house on their own farmland. But life wasn’t always this good.

Leyat endured a terrible tragedy

The long, obstructed labour Leyat endured during the birth of her third child caused serious internal damage. Sadly, her baby did not survive.

Leyat and her husband Amarech spent everything they had in search of a cure for her obstetric fistula injuries. At Hamlin’s Bahir Dar fistula hospital, Leyat received surgery to try and repair her fistula injuries. Due to their severity, it was unsuccessful. She was transferred to Hamlin’s Addis Ababa fistula hospital where complex diversion surgery left her dry for the first time in years.

“Emaye (Mother, Catherine Hamlin) gave me back my health which has become a source of wealth to my family.” – Leyat

A new chapter

Leyat completed business skills and vocational training at Desta Mender, Hamlin’s rehabilitation and reintegration centre, and was given seed money to start her own business.

“After I receive surgery and pass through Desta Mender training, my life has changed. The education has equipped me with confidence and the seed money has grown to big capital. Now, I harvest enough food to feed my family and I have constructed a new and better home”, rejoices Leyat.

Happiness restored to Leyat’s family

She now lives happily in her remote village in Northern Ethiopia with her two daughters and her husband of 25 years, Amarech.

“After you treated her, she [Leyat] visit markets with friends, goes to church, eats and drinks whatever she wants and protects her health. We have enough food to feed our family for over a year. You brought happiness back to our home and I can’t thank you enough for your generosity,” says Amarech.

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