Alex tells us what inspires her to be a Hamlin Regular Giver

I’ve been married to Michael for 21 years and live in Turramurra, where we are very involved in our local community.

We overcame infertility challenges to have our two lovely daughters, Charlotte (16) and Georgia (10). Both births were extremely challenging. I’m convinced our happy and healthy outcome wouldn’t have been achieved without the expertise of an outstanding medical team and innovative facilities here in Australia.

This cause really resonates with me and I’m inspired by the Hamlins’ vision to eradicate obstetric fistula forever.

Why I support Hamlin

I was moved to tears when I watched Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Dr Catherine Hamlin in 2004. I couldn’t believe so many women were suffering with such a devastating, yet preventable childbirth injury. It broke my heart to hear they often lost their baby, too and were ostracised by their families.

I was inspired to become a Hamlin Regular Giver after learning that the Hamlin fistula hospitals treat women free of charge, restoring their dignity and hope for the future. I was truly amazed that a simple operation could change the lives of these women and their communities, bringing healing, restoring joy and empowering women.

A visit to Ethiopia

I’ve just returned from the March Hamlin Ethiopian Adventure and saw first-hand how my regular donations are being used at the Hamlin hospitals and clinics.

I had the honour of meeting the brave patients and inspiring medical teams. They are so appreciative of the support. The fistula operations really do change lives.

I’m glad I can make a small difference to relieving the suffering of women in Ethiopia. I want them to know that we aren’t oblivious to their plight and we support them from afar.

I want my girls to realise how fortunate they are to live in Australia and discover their own passions to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged women and children.

How to make a greater impact

Join our amazing Regular Giver community today. It’s the most effective way to support women with fistula injuries and make an enduring difference to their lives.

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