Right now, there are women in Ethiopia suffering long, obstructed labour with nobody to help them.

They run a high risk of losing their precious babies and sustaining horrific childbirth injuries which could impact the rest of their lives.

Mahlet (above) safely gave birth to her son, Desalegn recently, thanks to the expert care she received from Hamlin midwife, Dagmawit. 

Without Dagmawit’s skills and dedication, the fate of Mahlet and her baby could have been very different.

Please make a donation this Christmas to help train more Hamlin midwives to ensure more women like Mahlet give birth safely.

“Hamlin midwives are competent in everything. They are capable to serve mothers. I want to thank our Australian supporters for their support. Please keep on supporting us.” – Dagmawit

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Mahlet and Hamlin midwife, Dagmawit

Dagmawit visited Mahlet and her baby at home for a postnatal check-up.

Mahlet is 25 and lives in Teticha, a remote village 12 hours south of Addis Ababa. When she became pregnant, she attended antenatal appointments at the Teticha Hamlin-supported midwifery clinic. When the time came, she safely delivered her baby with skilled assistance from Hamlin midwife, Dagmawit.

“I delivered my baby boy without problem. His name is Desalegn. Me and my son feel so well. Dagmawit has given me quality care,” says Mahlet. 

Give the gift of life-saving midwifery care

Every woman, regardless of where she lives, deserves the skills and compassion of a skilled midwife like Dagmawit.

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Impact of the Hamlin College of Midwives

Your donation this Christmas will help train more Hamlin midwives to ensure mothers deliver their babies safely and fistulas are prevented.

“Midwifery I believe is the answer – to put a well-trained midwife in every village of Ethiopia would soon eradicate obstetric fistula.”

 – Dr Catherine Hamlin

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Give the gift of life-saving midwifery care this Christmas.