Aye and Fikre start their family

Aye and husband Fikre enjoyed life and were really excited to start a family. But when Aye was pregnant with her first child, she went into labour at home with no trained birth attendant to help. After four days of obstructed labour her baby had still not arrived.

At the end of the fourth day Fikre took her to a local hospital but it was too late. Aye lost her baby and the arduous labour caused an obstetric fistula. Grieving, she was then shocked to find urine running uncontrollably down her legs.

Aye didn’t know what to do. She was devastated and concerned for her future. She stayed home for three months before a family member told her about a hospital that treated other women with this problem. Aye travelled to the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital where she was given life-changing fistula surgery, good food, physiotherapy and lots of love. After one month she was cured, able to return home.

Four years later, Aye became pregnant again. She returned to the hospital with Fikre to prepare for a caesarean section to deliver her child safely. Her baby was delivered in January 2016  a healthy baby girl. Fikre was grateful for the care his wife received.

First I got worried leaving my wife alone here, but then I understood that she is safe after I witnessed the motherly care she has had at the hospital… This is the best hospital I have ever seen in my life. You cured my wife and gave me my first daughter with the best treatment and care. Thank you for everything you did for us.- Fikre 

Aye is a new woman. Her, Fikre and their little bundle of joy now have a bright future.

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