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Mulu, former fistula patient

“Look at me now, I am the happiest woman in the world! I walk around with confidence and dignity. Now I can work and change my life.” – Mulu

For half of her life, a horrific childbirth injury stole Mulu’s joy, confidence, and relationships. That all changed after she received holistic care at Hamlin’s Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital.

Zemzem, former fistula patient 

“The only way I could repay you is by becoming a strong, confident and successful woman who is a role model for others – and I promise to realise this in the near future.” – Zemzem.

The Hamlin Model of Care completely transformed Zemzem’s life. Through treatment and compassion, Zemzem was healed from the trauma of obstetric fistula.

Aselef with her pottery
Aselefech, former fistula patient 

“The training showed me how to work better. My plan is to find a premise to create products and give my daughters the life they deserve.” – Aselefech.

Aselefech was thrilled to take part in Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s new Women’s Empowerment Program, leaving her with business skills to become financially independent and take charge of her life.

Mulu, ZemZem and Aselefech are now

  • FREE from their fistula injuries
  • EMPOWERED to live independently and earn a living
  • CONFIDENT, having had their dignity and humanity restored.

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“We don’t just treat a hole in the bladder, we treat the whole patient with love and tender care, literacy and numeracy classes, a brand new dress and money to travel home.” 

 – Dr Catherine Hamlin

The Hamlin Model of Care

The impact of obstetric fistula goes much deeper than physical injuries. It often also carries the grief of losing a child and the trauma of isolation and shame.

Dr Catherine Hamlin developed the Hamlin Model of Care, which is now the world’s leading approach to treating fistula. It treats the whole person with respect and compassion – considering the physical, psychological and emotional impact of fistula. 

Through healing the body, mind and soul, women’s lives are completely transformed.

The Hamlin Model of Care has been widely replicated around the world.

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