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In Ethiopia, there are around 31,000 women living with devastating childbirth injuries called fistula, leaving them incontinent and in 93% of cases with a stillborn baby.

Women like Rahmete, who suffered for five years in painful isolation, unable to work or support herself. Until she received life restoring treatment at Hamlin’s Metu Regional Hospital.

Image of Rahmete
Rahmete, former fistula patient

We need your help to find, treat and care for these women.

Obstetric fistula robs a woman of her life. YOUR donation can help give it back.

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“I now lead a happy life free from suffering.
I started living like a woman again.

– Rahmete, former fistula patient

“Mourning the stillbirth of their only child, incontinent of urine, ashamed of their offensiveness, often spurned by their husbands, homeless, unemployable, except in the fields, they endure, they exist, without friends and without hope. They bear their sorrows in silent shame. Their miseries, untreated, are utter, lonely and lifelong.”

 – Dr Catherine Hamlin

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