A letter from a Hamlin Midwife mentor

Dear Hamlin supporters, 

My name is Emebet Lema. I am a Hamlin midwife mentor. I am a Hamlin midwife graduate from 11 years ago. Now I am working in the Hamlin Yirgalem fistula hospital as a midwife mentor. Our job description includes ultrasound scanning, deploying Hamlin midwives to rural clinics after their College stay [upon graduation] and coaching the midwives. 

We also manage the distribution of medical supplies and equipment to the clinics. My visits to the Hamlin clinics last for two days if there are many women who need ultrasound scanning. If there is only a small number, I stay for 11 hours (one day).

I am eager to support the midwives and the women who need their support. I recently visited Dagmawit, a Hamlin midwife based in Teticha clinic. She helped a new mother, Mahlet, deliver her son without complications. 

The Hamlin midwives themselves are like mentors. They are strong girls and do the work by themselves and are confident. The best thing about Hamlin midwives is they are trained to manage complications themselves so they reduce unnecessary referrals to hospital. 

This is better for patients as most do not have the money to leave their communities. Us Hamlin midwives want to thank you for all your support of us. 

Thank you very much. 

Emebet, Hamlin Midwife Mentor

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