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Spring is just around the corner, and with it High Tea for Hamlin registrations have opened once again. By hosting a High Tea for Hamlin, you will become part of a group of extraordinary people who help some of the most marginalised women in the world – women who have suffered an obstetric fistula.

One such extraordinary person is Hamlin Champion Pip, who has held multiple fundraising events over the years to spread the word about Dr Catherine Hamlin and her team. Check out her story below. You might be inspired to get Hands on for Hamlin yourself!

Hamlin Champion: Pip

I have been a passionate Hamlin supporter for over five years and in that time have hosted numerous fundraising events to support Catherine’s work. The thing that constantly amazes me is the support I have had from my family, friends and work colleagues in achieving my fundraising goals.

Everyone finds Catherine’s life and work with obstetric fistula patients so incredibly inspiring and life changing, not only for her patients and staff in Ethiopia but for her supporters around the world.

My Hamlin journey has offered me the opportunity to see how much empathy and generosity exists in the community for the most marginalised women on the planet.

Quality maternal healthcare is a basic human right 

As a practising Midwife, I witness daily how lucky we are to live in Australia and have access to safe Maternity care. This is what continually inspires me to help women who live with the torment of obstetric fistula. These women suffer needlessly as obstetric fistula had been almost entirely eradicated in the Western word by the early 1900s.

It is enshrined as a basic human right that women have access to clean safe maternity care, a right denied to women in developing countries purely by the circumstances into which they are born.

Catherine’s dream of eradicating fistula entirely is possible through our help and fundraising efforts. The key lies in the training of midwives and deploying them to work in rural areas so women do not have to give birth alone or with an untrained childbirth attendant. Raising funds to not only provide life changing surgery but to train midwives at the Hamlin College of Midwifery has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life.

The annual Bake Sale 

For the last three years I have held a Bake Sale on International Midwives Day at my hospital, a very wonderful synergy I feel.

Things I have learnt from my Bake Sales include:

  1. Everyone (especially health professionals) loves cake!
  2. You can’t do it on your own – I have at least 4 amazing Hamlin supporters help me in the lead up to the event and on the day.
  3. Don’t be shy about asking family, friends and co-workers for help with baking. You will be amazed at how enthusiastic everyone is when they know the Hamlin story. I have always had an overload of baked goods to sell on the day.
  4. Simple chutneys and lemon butters are big sellers.
  5. You can never have enough Salted Caramel Slice.
  6. Push through the nerves if the task seems daunting – there is always a lot of love in the room when raising funds for Catherine.

One very memorable moment at my first bake sale was when one of our obstetricians saw that we had a few leftover muffins at the end of the day. He gave us $500 and told us to take the plate up to the delivery suite midwives!

Such is the generosity I guarantee you will be exposed to when fundraising for the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation.

Pip Guest, Hamlin Champion

We’re so thankful for all the support Pip and other Hamlin Champions have given over the years. This important work is only possible thanks to supporters like Pip.

This year, we’d like invite you to join us for 2018 High Tea for Hamlin. Register your event today to receive a special host kit and an exclusive 2018 High Tea for Hamlin tea towel. Find out more here.

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