Fourteen years of dedication – Melkitu

The work of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia could not be achieved without the dedication and support of an enormous amount of people. The wonderful, loyal Ethiopian staff form the backbone of Hamlin. There are over 550 staff across various sites: the main hospital in Addis Ababa, our five regional hospitals strategically located in the provinces, Desta Mender and the Hamlin College of Midwives.

Meet Melkitu – Learning Officer at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia

Melkitu is one of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s skilled professionals and dedicated staff members. For the last 14 years Melkitu has worked at the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, teaching women literacy and numeracy skills. She also provides one on one counselling sessions with patients, many of whom have endured years of physical and emotional suffering.

As a Learning Officer, Melkitu provides emotional and practical support to fistula sufferers. She helps women develop their education skills, empowering them to build confidence, independence and dignity.

“For me, working at Hamlin is not just a paid job. Rather it is like a spiritual obligation of God to at least put a little contribution of mine into the long-lasting selfless deeds of Emaye (Dr Catherine Hamlin) for these poor women of my country. That’s why after 14 years I still feel fresh and passionate to help them.” – Melkitu 

The Hamlin model of care

Dr Catherine Hamlin has always believed that treating a fistula patient isn’t just treating a hole in the bladder but rather the whole patient.

The Hamlin model of care ensures that beyond the physical mending of scars and injury, these women are embraced with tender loving care. They are given nutritious food, a handmade blanket and the empathy of staff  – a number of whom are cured fistula patients themselves. For many patients, this would have been one of the first instances of emotional and physical support since their injury.

Every morning, while the surgeons are busy fixing physical injuries, Melkitu and her team are helping to mend emotional scars. Patients share their experiences with one another, learning that they are not alone in their plight.

“Due to my job nature I have a chance of hearing many heartbreaking stories of these women where sometimes I take the distress back to home and spend my whole night thinking about. I know that helping these women and changing their future remains my biggest life goal. When I see them recover I feel blessed.” – Melkitu 

Like all of our staff members, Melkitu is committed to helping women with preventable childbirth injuries. She believes that together we will be able to end obstetric fistula.

Melkitu spends her spare time with her loving husband and four children.

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