Raise2Restore Giving Day!

The Hamlin Raise2Restore Giving Day is just around the corner and we need your help!

This year, we are focused on raising funds for the Hamlin Mekele Fistula Hospital which was forced to close due to the civil war in the Tigray region. The hospital has re-opened but is struggling with an enormous back-log of patients who are in desperate need of surgery. Outdated medical equipment and expired medication also need to be replaced urgently.

But with your support, we are confident that we can reach our fundraising target of $180,500 and open a second operating room in Mekele. That means we can double the number of women being treated and returned to their communities, restored.

An obstetric fistula is one of the worst things a woman can go through.
Now imagine going through it during a war.

Please let your friends, family and colleagues know that our Hamlin Raise2Restore Giving Day will take place on 31 August and that all donations will be doubled between 8am and 8pm. Together, we can restore the health and dignity of women in Mekele living with obstetric fistula.

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Here’s some copy that you can adapt: An obstetric fistula is one of the worst things a woman can go through. Now imagine going through it during a war. That’s why I’m supporting Hamlin’s Raise2Restore Giving Day. Every donation will be doubled on 31 August and will help Hamlin provide new medical equipment and medication for a 2nd operating room at their Mekele hospital. Join me by donating at www.charidy.com/hamlin

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Email your network

A personal email to your friends, family, or colleagues is one of the most effective ways to raise awareness and raise funds.

Use our email templates for ideas on what to say and when. You might also like to write about your personal reasons for supporting Hamlin, so that your message is both authentic and impactful.

Thank you for helping the women of Tigray

Restoring and expanding treatment at the Hamlin Mekele Fistula Hospital means:

  • more women with restored health and dignity
  • more hopeful families
  • more opportunities
  • more income
  • more life

Thank you for helping us make this possible for the women of Tigray.