Hamlin Impact Report: January- April 2022

Doctors in surgery

January- April 2022

We are pleased to share that we have been seeing some incredible progress towards the fight to end fistula.

In the first four months of this year, Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia carried out almost 1,000 surgeries and almost 2,000 outpatient appointments. In March alone, they completed the highest number of surgeries over any other month, during the last 14 years.

March also saw a huge increase in the number of women attending outpatient appointments – 291 more appointments than expected. And between January and April, 489 women completed their numeracy and literacy training at Desta Mender.

In the same period over 8,000 women were seen for their first ante-natal care appointment by Hamlin midwives – a vital step towards prevention.

None of this could happen without the support of our generous donors and supporters who ensure we can continue to help as many women as possible.

The Treatment Dashboard is used to record patient admission rates, the number and type of surgical procedures undertaken, the fistula closure rate, the incontinence cure rate, and the number of patients and outpatients discharged at each of Hamlin’s fistula hospitals. Click here to see our full Treatment Dashboard.

Below are some key data points of impact made at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s hospitals in the months from January to April 2022:

Patient treatment at Hamlin is only possible thanks to you, our supporters – thank you. Click here to learn more about the Hamlin Clinical Team’s incredible work treating fistula patients.

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