Hamlin Treatment Impact: July-October 2020

The extraordinary medical professionals at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia have made significant progress over the last few months, despite the enormous challenges they have faced. Their unwavering determination to continue Dr Catherine Hamlin’s work is an inspiration to all. Through the newly developed Treatment Dashboard, Hamlin’s Management and Clinical Teams are able to assess the efficacy of each of Hamlin’s six obstetric fistula hospitals.

A vital tool in making the best decisions

The Treatment Dashboard is used to record patient admission rates, the number and type of surgical procedures undertaken, the fistula closure rate, the incontinence cure rate, and the number of patients and outpatients discharged at each of Hamlin’s six hospitals. Through monthly updates to the dashboard, Hamlin’s Management and Clinical Teams can monitor and evaluate each hospital’s performance, and cumulatively for the year. By collating this data, the Hamlin Team can make informed, timely decisions on each hospital’s treatment program.

Below are key data points from Hamlin’s six hospitals from July to October of this year.

Click here to view the full Treatment Dashboard.

Understanding the power of your donations

The results over the past four months are very encouraging, given the impact of COVID-19 on patient flow. COVID-19 also forced the temporary hibernation of our five regional hospitals from June to August 2020. All except Mekele reopened at the beginning of September.

Hamlin’s work – from finding, treating and rehabilitating fistula patients, to educating and deploying midwives – is only possible thanks to the ongoing commitment and generosity of Hamlin supporters. That’s why it is important for our supporters to understand what is happening at Hamlin hospitals. Moreover, you can see the impact of your support first-hand. As the Management and Clinical teams at each of Hamlin’s hospitals update their data, this information will be passed onto our supporters through regular updates of the Treatment Dashboard.

Click here to learn more about Hamlin’s Clinical Team and their work in treating fistula patients.

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