Your support in action: Hawwa’s story

Your support has given Hawwa the opportunity to start her life anew after the trauma of fistula.

When complications in her first pregnancy left her with a horrific fistula injury and leaking urine, Hawwa hid away in pain, shame and isolation for years.

Hamlin’s Patient Identification team found Hawwa despite the fact she was hidden away. They brought her to Hamlin’s Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital for life-changing surgery and wrapped her in warmth, encouragement and new hope.

Thanks to your support, Hawwa is finally free from the anguish of fistula.

“Now I feel healthy! I am dry. I will go home and start my life again.” — Hawwa

Right now, too many women like Hawwa are trapped in the agony and isolation of fistula, unaware that a simple surgery could cure them.

With your continued support, we are going door to door until every woman is found and given the treatment they desperately need to restore their health and dignity.

If you haven’t made a donation to help women like Hawwa, you can do so now at hamlin.org.au/donate

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