This Christmas, help to eradicate fistula. Forever.

Dr Catherine Hamlin’s dream

My work and that of the hospitals is important, but it is more important to prevent fistula in the first instance and our midwives can achieve this. My dream is for there to be a midwife in every village of Ethiopia.

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The problem

One of the worst things that can happen to a woman or girl is an obstetric fistula, an internal injury caused by a prolonged, obstructed labour that leaves her incontinent and humiliated – 93% of fistula survivors give birth to a stillborn baby.

Every day, ten women in Ethiopia develop a fistula. For a problem that has been virtually eradicated in western countries, this number is staggering, but we could reduce it to zero if a skilled midwife was present at every labour.

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This Christmas, help to eradicate fistula. Forever.
This Christmas, help to eradicate fistula. Forever.

Our solution

The Hamlin plan to eradicate fistula is simple but effective; place a midwife in rural areas where there is no existing medical assistance. This means when a woman goes into labour, any problems can be identified early and the woman transported to the nearest hospital to safely deliver her baby.

There are currently 36 Hamlin midwifery clinics throughout Ethiopia and by the end of this year, another four will be opened.

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$100 can provide specialised post graduate training on emergency obstetrics for one Hamlin midwife

$200 can cover the cost to recruit a student from a remote area to become a Hamlin midwife

$780 can stock a Hamlin midwifery clinic with medical supplies for one year

$4,500 can fund a one year scholarship for a student at the Hamlin College of Midwives

Your donation will prevent fistula and save lives. 

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This Christmas, help to eradicate fistula. Forever.