This Christmas your gift can provide a woman with a midwife – preventing fistula and saving lives.

Christmas Appeal 2018


Imagine living in rural Ethiopia with no health professional to monitor your pregnancy, no midwife to help you through the birthing experience, no one to raise the alarm when your labour becomes painfully obstructed and no doctor to perform an emergency caesarean that would prevent a fistula and save the life of your baby.

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A midwife for every woman.

A midwife for every woman. It’s a simple concept and one that Dr Catherine Hamlin believes will make the biggest difference in finally eradicating fistula, forever. Under a midwife’s care, problems can be identified early and a fistula avoided.

The cornerstone of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s prevention program, the Hamlin College of Midwives, was established over 10 years ago. Since then, 145 midwives have graduated, taking up positions at 48 midwifery clinics throughout Ethiopia. By ensuring there is a midwife for every woman, we can reach our goal of eradicating fistula in Ethiopia by 2030.

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Christmas Appeal 2018
Christmas Appeal 2018

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In the last year Hamlin midwives provided 23,377 safe deliveries and antenatal care to 49,499 women.

$100 can provide specialised post graduate training on emergency obstetrics for one Hamlin midwife

$200 can cover the cost to recruit a student from a remote area to become a Hamlin midwife

$780 can stock a Hamlin midwifery clinic with medical supplies for one year

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The key to a fistula-free world lies in preventative measures.

– Dr Catherine Hamlin

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Christmas Appeal 2018