Our quarterly newsletters provide updates about the life-changing work of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, as well as updates from Australia. We are excited for you to stay in touch about how you are helping to make childbirth injuries a thing of...
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Five Days Without a Midwife: Almaz’s story Patients

22 November, 2021     Five days. For five perilous days, Almaz endured an obstructed labour in her small Ethiopian village without a midwife. Without appropriate medical care, Almaz’s condition seriously deteriorated, and led to her suffering an obstetric fistula...
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After Over 30 Years, Bijige is Finally Dry Patients

3 November, 2021     Imagine discovering that you are pregnant with your second child: the anticipation as you and your loved ones prepare to welcome a new addition to your family. Imagine waiting for days in excruciating pain as...
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Hamlin Impact Report Jul-Sept 2021

Hamlin Impact Report: July-September 2021 treatment

28 October, 2021     We are delighted to share with you the latest treatment impact results delivered across all regional obstetric fistula hospitals at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. The extraordinary medical professionals at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia have made significant progress over...
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Tarekech in the gardens of Hamlin's Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital

A New Start for Tarekech Patients

20 October, 2021     Obstetric fistula took a year from Tarekech’s life. For months, Tarekech’s childbirth injury caused her to feel ashamed and worried about the state of her bed sheets and clothes. Thanks to the work of Hamlin...
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Claire’s Walk to Eradicate Fistula Champions

5 October, 2021   Claire Wind is a true Hamlin Champion. She is passionate about maternal and infant health, and was motivated to fundraise for Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation. While studying her Bachelor of Midwifery degree in Sydney, Claire decided...
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