From patient to proud businesswoman

Ethiopian family outside their rural home

Leyat and her husband Amarech spent all their money searching for a cure for Leyat’s obstetric fistula injuries.

“I had nothing to eat or wear. We used to live by luck.”- Leyat

Finding help

Their desperate hunt came to an end when they found Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia and Leyat was treated free of charge, but by then her family had lost everything. She started treated for her injuries.

A new start

Leyat accessed vocational training at Hamlin’s Desta Mender, and she was granted seed money to set up her own farming business. “After I passed through this training my life changed” says Leyat.

“The seed money I received has now grown to big capital and the education has equipped me with confidence.”

Happiness has returned to Leyat’s life

“We have enough food to feed our family for over a year… You have brought happiness back to our home and I can’t thank you enough for your generosity” says Amarech.

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