Hamlin midwives are key to Project Zero’s success

“I am Mahilet Tegegn. I am a married Mum of two children, who I love caring for.

I joined Project Zero in March 2023 as a mentor to the midwives at health centres. I also give awareness to the community about obstetric fistula

I am highly ambitious to eradicate fistula and improve maternal health services. 

I studied midwifery at the Hamlin College of Midwives. I am very impressed by Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia for providing trained midwives at remote health centres and their commitment to eradicate fistula from Ethiopia.

Passing on knowledge

Women face a lack of quality service, poor infrastructure and a shortage of well-trained health professionals. My favourite part about my role is sharing my experience, knowledge and skill with the midwives, following up and giving them feedback.

I feel that they [Drs Catherine and Reg Hamlin] are loved by Ethiopian mothers and the legacy they left for us is being compassionate for mothers suffering from fistula and fistula-related injuries.

I will be happy and satisfied when fistula is eradicated and I expect to have fistula-free generations in the future.”

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