Maree is proud to leave a gift in her Will

Maree and her daughter

Maree has been supporting Hamlin for many years and is a valued Hamlin regular giver. She lives with her husband in regional Victoria and is Mum to a son and daughter and Nannie (grandmother) to two beautiful grandchildren.

Choosing to leave a gift in her Will

As a Mum, with a daughter living in a country where obstetric fistula is almost unheard of, Maree thinks it’s a ‘no brainer’ that a gift in her Will can make such a monumental difference to women’s lives through surgery and education of future midwives.

“We were lucky enough to visit parts of Africa a number of years ago which was the experience of a lifetime. The lack of basic amenities was really distressing. The thought of any woman experiencing this devastating injury and the life lead because of it is simply horrifying, beyond the imagining of most.

A better life for communities

If my simple gift contributes to a better life for her and, by extension, her community, I’m thrilled to be a small part,” says Maree.

“I know my family, particularly my daughter, are more than happy to know I’ve left a gift in my Will which will help improve mother’s lives.”

“We are a global community. Women are the backbone of communities when they are strong and healthy. Australia is a lucky country and we need to look beyond our borders and contribute to the benefit of everyone,” says Maree.

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