Meet Mohammed, Hamlin Patient Identification Officer

Name: Mohammed Amin Ahmed

Job: Hamlin Patient Identification Officer

Distance travelled: Hundreds of kilometres every week

Mohammed has travelled hundreds of kilometres to find women hidden with the shame of obstetric fistula. As a Hamlin Patient Identification Officer, he has seen first-hand the heart-breaking impact of fistula, and he knows the challenges of getting treatment.“Many women living with obstetric fistula are uneducated and can’t express their needs or medical concerns,” Mohammed says. “They are often ostracised from their communities, and have no access to transport, which also prevents them from getting help.”

Mohammed has given up much of his time with his family to travel to remote communities, educate people and get women the help they so desperately need.“I listen, comfort and counsel women, and convince them that there is a better life waiting for them. At a Hamlin fistula hospital they receive physio, psychological and nutritional therapy to get them ready for their surgery and treatment.”

Thanks to Mohammed’s dedication and passion, women like Amina are well on their way to a new, healthy life, among their family and community – a new beginning. “Patient Identification Officers are the canal between patients and treatment. We feel these women’s pain and want to help them get better. But we also have to change the perception and stigma around fistula, so that we can help women come out of hiding,” reflects Mohammed.

Mohammed has been working for Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia as a Patient Identification Officer for nine years now. He is determined to find the women who have been forced to live in the shadows as a result of the stigma and pain of fistula.

Your support makes it possible for Hamlin Patient Identification Officers like Mohammed to find the forgotten women suffering from fistula. A regular gift of just $2 a day restores the lives of women who would otherwise lead a life of isolation, indignity and shame. Join us. Together we can eradicate fistula. Forever.

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