Your support in action: Meseret’s story

Thanks to your support, Meseret is free from fistula after 28 years of suffering.

At home in central Ethiopia, Meseret endured an agonising, obstructed labour without anyone to help her. Her baby was stillborn and Meseret sustained a devastating obstetric fistula injury which left her leaking urine.

She told us, “In the past almost 29 years I had never visited family or neighbourhoods. I stayed in pain for those long years.”

A long journey

Meseret’s son told her she had suffered enough and insisted they search for a cure. It took fifteen days for Meseret to travel with her sister to Hamlin’s Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital.

On arrival, Meseret was given a Comfort Package, including items for her hospital stay and a beautiful Hamlin blanket, to mark the start of her healing journey.

Meseret’s healing continued with fistula repair surgery and loving care to restore her dignity and confidence. She has returned to her family and community with her health restored.

Comfort and care

“This blanket serves as a remembrance of my beautiful stay here and helps me to recall the day of my cure. So I am happy having it.” says Meseret.

With your support we continue to find and heal more women like Meseret, hidden away in shame with untreated fistula injuries. All patients are treated free of charge, thanks to our supporters.

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