One Midwife: Mahlet

Name: Mahlet
Age: 27
Home village: Merawi, North Ethiopia

Growing up in a rural village in Northern Ethiopia, Mahlet was always a hard worker. Thanks to her outstanding results in high school, she received a scholarship to study midwifery for four years at the Hamlin College of Midwives in 2012.

As a centre of excellence in midwifery, the college provides extensive theoretical and practical training and meets stringent international requirements – including the condition that students deliver at least 40 babies before they graduate. During her studies, Mahlet delivered 124 babies.

Dedicated and passionate about improving women’s lives, Mahlet graduated in 2016 and started working at a Hamlin-supported midwifery clinic in Amarit, near her hometown.  Before her arrival, there were no midwives at the clinic. Mahlet has been working in this remote area for four years. She services a population of over 42,000 people – preventing fistulas and safely delivering more than 60 babies every month.

Mahlet is one of the almost 200 graduates from the Hamlin College of Midwives. They have become the bedrock of fistula prevention in rural communities, with incredible results – villages with a Hamlin midwife see close to no cases of fistula.

Once keen students, they are now the difference between life and death.

“I am serving the same community I was grown in. Because I am Hamlin trained midwife equipped with high quality technical and practical skills, I believe I am one of the best in the entire region.” – Mahlet

By making a tax-deductible donation here this Christmas, you can help train more midwives like Mahlet and get one step closer to eradicating fistula in Ethiopia. Forever.

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