Preventative Measures in Unprecedented Times

Hamlin hospitals

All patients arriving at Hamlin’s Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital are assessed and monitored for COVID-19. A building, separate from the main hospital, has been set up for patients to stay while this takes place. If no symptoms are detected, their fistula assessment and treatment is scheduled. If patients have symptoms, they will be moved to an isolation room and treated. So far, there have been no COVID-19 cases at any Hamlin hospital, and the dedicated team at Hamlin is working hard to keep it that way.

Hamlin patients

All patients currently under treatment are educated about the COVID-19 virus and preventative measures to keep them safe. Face masks are being provided to patients and are mandatory while moving around the hospital compound. Hand sanitisers have been made available and visitors from outside the hospital are not permitted.

Hamlin staff

Staff are provided with hand sanitisers, face masks, and every staff member is required to wash their hands before entering the hospitals and offices. The hospital has also introduced additional disinfecting of wards, offices and other facilities to continue regular services safely.

Hamlin midwives

All Hamlin Midwives are provided with Personal Protective Equipment; masks, aprons, gloves and disinfectant, allowing them to safely provide life-saving maternal care and protect their communities.

Thank you for your ongoing support this year and for being part of our Hamlin community.

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