Together, we have transformed more women’s lives than ever before!

During the last financial year (FY23), Hamlin’s world-renowned clinical team performed the highest number of fistula surgeries in its history, at a rate of almost 300 surgeries every month.

In FY23, a total of 3,580 surgeries were performed at Hamlin’s fistula hospitals, excluding the Mekele Fistula Hospital which was forced to shut its doors during the conflict in the Tigray region.

Despite the closure of Mekele, Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s surgical team conducted 38% more surgical procedures in comparison to the previous year. The fistula closure rate was 96%.

Restoring health and dignity

In Ethiopia, where half of all women experience childbirth without medical help, a woman in obstructed labour can sustain horrific childbirth injuries like obstetric fistula.

She is left incontinent and traumatised. Around 93% of women with this horrific injury also lose their baby. 

Yet most fistula injuries can be repaired with a single surgery. Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s globally renowned Hamlin Model of Care focuses on repairing a woman’s fistula injury and restoring her dignity and emotional wellbeing.

Holistic care for women

This treatment is life-changing for women like Bekelu (pictured), who suffered through two days of painful labour and with no medical support available, she sustained a traumatic childbirth injury – an obstetric fistula – which left her incontinent.

We were helpless and hopeless before we came at Emaye’s [Mother, Dr Catherine Hamlin] home. It is here we get treated as a person and get cured.

Bekelu, former fistula patient

It devastated Bekelu’s life. For the next six years, she lived in shame and stress. She struggled to look after her son and gave up hope. She felt unclean, unwanted and unloved – until she arrived at Hamlin’s Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital for life-changing treatment and loving care. At hospital Bekelu’s care included surgery, physiotherapy, counselling, good nutrition and a brand new dress. 

Treatment for all childbirth injuries

In addition to obstetric fistula treatment, all six Hamlin Hospitals now provide a range of gynaecological treatments to women, including advanced pelvic organ prolapse surgery.

It is estimated that as many as 1 in 4 Ethiopian women experience pelvic organ prolapse which, if left untreated, can result in permanent kidney damage.

Your support means we can restore the health and dignity of Ethiopian women living with childbirth injuries.

Together, we can eradicate obstetric fistula in Ethiopia. Forever. 

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