Regular givers like Jane make the world go round!

We caught up with long-standing Hamlin supporter Jane about why she supports Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation through regular donations.

Thank you to Jane and to all of our Hamlin regular givers who are the backbone of our organisation, helping to keep the doors of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s hospitals open.

Every month your donations have a direct impact on increasing the reach of our work to help all Ethiopian women in need. One of the other things your monthly gift does is give Hamlin the ability to plan ahead.

It’s now up to us to ensure Dr Catherines Hamlin’s dream of eradicating fistula forever becomes a reality. Thank you for being by our side in the fight against fistula.

Meet Jane

When did you first hear about the work of Dr Catherine Hamlin?

I heard about Catherine and Reg Hamlin a long time ago (at least 20 years). At the time I thought how unendurable it must be to constantly leak with no recourse to pads or any kind of medical assistance. I was having really heavy continual painful periods (looking back I think I had endometriosis which was never diagnosed). Of course living in a western country I had access to painkillers and help.

Why are you passionate about this cause?

I’ve been a keen supporter of Dr Hamlin and the hospital for many years. I click on the Facebook page every day, and when I read about the fear, pain and injuries that some women go through without the help of a midwife it makes me cry.

What would you say to anyone thinking about becoming a regular giver?

When I started as a monthly donor I was raising a daughter and working part time and thought I really want to do this but can I? I took the plunge and quite honestly didn’t miss the amount I donated monthly.

Like so many people, we know Catherine inspired you greatly. What tribute message would you send her?

Catherine, thank you for all the years you have devoted to helping and healing. You have been an important and inspirational person in my life (I have two heroes you and Joan of Arc).

Join the movement

Join the movement of people who are determined to achieve Catherine’s dream and eradicate fistula. Forever. A monthly gift of just $100 will fully fund a standard fistula operation in one year. This will completely restore a woman’s life.

Click here to find out more about becoming one of our valued Hamlin Regular Givers.

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