Renovations to restore more lives

The physical consequences of an obstetric fistula are debilitating. The treatment that patients need often goes beyond the repair of the fistula itself. Sometimes their bladder is completely destroyed and sometimes their rectum and urethra are damaged.

Patients who have lived with their injuries for many years can also have extensive scarring which makes their injuries more difficult to repair. These surgeries are more complex.

Renovations of the Dr Reginald Hamlin Operating Theatre, at the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, are underway. Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia is renowned for its pioneering surgical techniques. These renovations will ensure our team can continue to provide the best possible care for patients with more severe injuries.

The main improvements will be the addition of a new operating room and instalment of a C-arm machine. The C-arm machine will give the team access to high quality, real-time digital imaging. This will increase the surgery success rate for complex cases and restore the health and dignity of many more women.

“The renovation is vital to keep up and maximise the high quality of care by Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia.” – Dr Tesfaye Yacob, CEO of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia.

Dr Catherine Hamlin visits the renovation site every morning and is happy with the progress. The new operating room will be completed in September.

Photo by Amber Hooper 

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