Elsabet’s Story

Elsabet was born and raised in Jimma, a small farming village in the southwestern Oromia region of Ethiopia, a four-hour walk to the nearest government health clinic.

Soon after marrying she became pregnant. Elsabet went into labour at her mother’s house but, during a long, obstructed labour, her baby died and she sustained serious obstetric fistula injuries that left her leaking urine uncontrollably.

“That was the shameful moment in my life. I become completely hopeless.”

Elsabet is alone

Elsabet’s husband left her and she hid away for years, traumatised and alone. One day she heard about Hamlin’s Addis Ababa fistula hospital. She made the long journey and finally received surgery to repair her fistula injury. She is now completely dry.

Elsabet says, “I didn’t believe that there would be a cure until I reach this hospital and see the amazing holistic care for many women like myself.

“The nurses and doctors treat me with love, I am served with delicious meals, I do exercise at the physiotherapy centre and learn how to make crafts. Surprisingly all these services are totally free.

A new life for Elsabet

To date the hospitals have treated over 60,000 women but there are still thousands of women in need of treatment. Women like Elsabet who’s lives are restored after treatment.

‘You have helped me cure from such an agony unconditionally. Thank you,” says Elsabet.

It’s a special contribution to ensure future generations of Ethiopian women like Elsabet won’t suffer the devastating effects of this horrific injury. 

This is the impact a gift in your Will can make.

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