Haile’s story

Haile patient

Thanks to your support, Haile* is ready to start the next chapter of her life after the trauma of fistula.

Haile’s happy life with her new husband in the remote hillside village of Yirgachefe in South Ethiopia was shattered when she lost her baby in childbirth and sustained a fistula injury three years ago.

Heartbroken and ashamed, Haile and her husband spent the next two years trying to hide her condition from everyone in her village.

“My cure is the biggest moment of my life. It is like a re-birth. You make me a woman again” – Haile

When a Hamlin patient identification officer found Haile and transported her and several other women to Hamlin’s Yirgalem fistula hospital for treatment and loving care, her whole life changed. Haile was welcomed with a Comfort Package, including a beautiful hand-knitted Hamlin blanket and hygiene items for her stay.

She received life-changing fistula repair surgery performed by Hamlin’s world class fistula surgeons.

“The news of a cure ignited hope inside me. When I arrived and met other patients like me, I became 100% sure this is the place of my cure,” says Haile. Dr Catherine Hamlin’s transformative Model of Care restores the health and dignity of women like Haile every day.

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