Tarekech in the gardens of Hamlin's Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital

A New Start for Tarekech Patients

20 October, 2021     Obstetric fistula took a year from Tarekech’s life. For months, her childbirth injury caused Tarekech to feel ashamed and worried about the state of her bed sheets and clothes. Thanks to the work of Hamlin...
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After Ten Painful Years, Joy For Kuma Patients

10 August, 2021     Growing up in a rural village in southwestern Ethiopia, Kuma did not have access to quality maternal health care. As a result, she experienced an obstructed labour at home that resulted in her suffering obstetric...
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Zinash with her baby

Extraordinary Care and Love: Zinash’s story Patients

5 August, 2021     Zinash’s story transformed from struggle to joy through the extraordinary care and love of the staff at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. For Zinash, being referred to a Hamlin fistula hospital was life changing, and the care...
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After Seven Difficult Years, Hope for Saliati Patients

22 June, 2021     Saliati grew up in a remote village, where misconceptions about medical care had made the community wary of maternal health services. As a result, she endured an obstructed labour without help and needlessly suffered from...
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Able to Hug Her Children Once More: Genet’s journey Patients

15 June, 2021     Genet’s world was shattered when she suffered an obstetric fistula injury. Near the remote village of Konta Koysha in southern Ethiopia, Genet spent five long months in agony, leaking urine, abandoned by her husband and...
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Sekina, a Hamlin patient at Harar Fistula Hospital

Sekina’s Story: Between life and death Patients

25 May, 2021     Sekina has experienced heartbreaking loss and isolation. Thanks to Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s holistic approach to obstetric fistula treatment, Sekina has also been able to experience the joy of dryness and the dignity of having her...
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A New Start for Fatuma Patients

18 March, 2021     Fatuma grew up surrounded by farms and mountains. In her small rural town of Gursum in Eastern Ethiopia, agriculture is the only source of income for families like hers. Tragically, Fatuma’s geographic isolation was also...
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