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Hamlin’s Treatment Program FY21

“To be able to train dedicated young doctors and midwives is marvellous for me and my loyal staff, especially as they become enthusiastic about helping these poor women. It gives me confidence that the eradication of obstetric fistula can be achieved.” – Dr Catherine Hamlin Treatment in FY21 The physical and psychological consequences of obstetric […]...

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transforming lives through fistula repair surgery

Transforming Lives, Thanks To You

An obstetric fistula injury can often be repaired with a single, life-changing surgery. Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s Clinical Team has performed more than 60,000 fistula-repair surgeries – transforming more lives than any other fistula treatment facility in the world. Treatment and holistic care at Hamlin is provided free of charge to all patients, thanks to the […]...

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Record Treatment Impact at Hamlin Fistula Hospitals, Made Possible By You

The Hamlin clinical team is globally renowned for its treatment technique. Surgeons from all over the world have trained at Hamlin to learn this acclaimed best practice for obstetric fistula-repair surgery. In addition to Hamlin’s Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, Hamlin has five regional fistula hospitals across Ethiopia to ensure access for women in remote areas. […]...

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Hamlin’s Treatment Program FY20

“My dream is to eradicate obstetric fistula from Ethiopia. I won’t do this in my lifetime, but you can in yours.” – Dr Catherine Hamlin Treatment Obstetric fistula is a complex injury that requires special treatment and care. The physical and psychological consequences are both debilitating and heartbreaking. Yet, most fistula injuries can be repaired […]...

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Complete and Compassionate Care

Ensuring every woman has the opportunity to thrive Each and every woman who arrives at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia is provided complete and compassionate care. Based on Dr Catherine Hamlin’s values, the Hamlin Model of Care remains a core part of the organisation today. For 61 years, Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia has provided an all-encompassing approach to […]...

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Mazaa’s Second Chance at Life

Hope for her future  Hamlin’s rehabilitation and reintegration program is a key part of the Hamlin Model of Care. All women undergoing treatment in a Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia hospital are assessed for their reintegration needs and have access to literacy, numeracy and vocational classes to help them once they return to their communities. One of […]...

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Hamlin’s Treatment Program: 2019

2019 has been a year of notable progress for Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. Over the past year Hamlin Fistula hospitals have continued to treat the brave and beautiful women of Ethiopia with great success. Treatment at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia – the Hamlin Model of Care Dr Catherine Hamlin’s mission of eradicating obstetric fistula forever can only […]...

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