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2017 Tax Appeal

What is an obstetric fistula?

A hole between the birth canal and bladder and/or rectum, caused by a long, unrelieved obstructed labour where a woman has no access to emergency obstetric care.

What happens?

Women who survive a long obstructed labour will suffer debilitating internal injuries that leave them incontinent of urine and/or faeces, permanently. In 93% of cases, their baby will die. Ashamed and alone, women are often isolated by their communities with no hope for their future.

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How is it treated?

The majority of fistula patients can be cured with a single surgery. For some women with very severe injuries, like Zahra whose story is below, it may take a few surgeries. The Hamlin surgical team has a 95% success rate.

To date, more than 50,000 Ethiopian women have had their lives restored by Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, thanks to generous supporters.

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2017 Tax Appeal
2017 Tax Appeal

There must be men and women of compassion and determination so that childbirth for all women can always be safe and babies and mothers saved – from death for the baby and from a life of living death for the mother. 

– Dr Catherine Hamlin

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We believe in a world where all women are able to deliver their babies safely and where childbirth injuries are a thing of the past.