We exist to make sure women who have survived the heart-breaking and preventable childbirth injury, obstetric fistula, can live full, happy and healthy lives. Help us find the hidden women of Ethiopia and support them on their journey to a new beginning. Click here to donate today!

There are still an estimated 31,000 women living with devastating obstetric fistula injuries in Ethiopia. With 80% of the population in these areas having little or no access to quality health care, an additional 3,000 women continue to suffer fistula injuries every year. These injuries leave them trapped in a life of pain, shame and isolation.

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s immediate priority is to find and treat all existing and new cases, that’s why our Patient Identification Program is so important. Hamlin’s Patient Identification Program is focused on finding, treating and caring for these women so it can: Secure women’s health and wellbeing, help women regain their roles in their families and communities, increase national awareness of obstetric fistula and educate people on how to seek treatment.

We invite you to WATCH and SCROLL through the journey to a woman’s new beginning…

2021 Tax Appeal


Mohammed has travelled hundreds of kilometres to find women hidden with the shame of fistula. As a Hamlin Patient Identification Officer, he has seen first-hand the heart-breaking impact of obstetric fistula; and he knows the challenges of getting treatment.

“Many women living with obstetric fistula are uneducated and can’t express their needs or medical concerns,” Mohammed says. “They are often ostracised from their communities, and have no access to transport, which also prevents them from getting help.”

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“For me, those three months with fistula felt like three long years. I have lived between life and death. Hidden from even my own family members and friends.” – Sekina

Sekina has experienced heartbreaking loss and isolation. Thanks to Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s holistic approach to obstetric fistula treatment, Sekina has also been able to experience the joy of dryness and the dignity of having her health restored. Today, she is ready to rebuild her life with optimism and gratitude.

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2021 Tax Appeal
2021 Tax Appeal


Dr Leta has been working tirelessly to make Dr Catherine Hamlin’s dream a reality.

During his days as a medical student, Dr Leta’s life was profoundly affected by the mothers he cared for and got to know. Hearing stories of decades of pain and isolation, and witnessing their shame, he knew he had to do something to alleviate their suffering.

Inspired by the work of Drs Reg and Catherine Hamlin, he started working at Hamlin’s Harar Fistula Hospital in September 2020, where he has since performed over 70 life-changing surgeries on women – including Sekina.

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We have to eradicate Ethiopia of this awful thing that’s happening to women: suffering, untold suffering in the countryside. I leave this with you to do in the future, to carry on. 

– Dr Catherine Hamlin

Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation has one purpose and one purpose only: eradicating fistula. Forever.