Will you help transform the life of another woman after suffering the shame and isolation of obstetric fistula?

Mulu, a Women's Empowerment Program graduate

“I stand freely and healed. I was not able to talk with people, didn’t go to church like others and suffering a lot. I am thankful to be healed.

Mulu, Women’s Empowerment Program trainee

Dr Catherine Hamlin’s Model of Care goes beyond surgery, restoring a woman’s self-worth and supporting her to live with dignity and independence.

The Women’s Empowerment Program is a three-month residency, giving former fistula patients the vocational skills to create a livelihood and, in many cases, start their own business – transforming their lives.

Help continue Catherine’s vision today.

With your support, women like Mulu can write the next chapter of their lives.

See how your support changed Mulu’s life

Aselef and her pottery

“I now hope to start a pottery business and give my daughters a better life.”
Aselef, Women’s Empowerment Program trainee

“We give every woman our love, care and expertise to help them get better and back to a normal life.”
– Dr Catherine Hamlin

Historical photo of Catherine and logo
Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation Logo (Reversed)

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