Knit blankets for Hamlin patients

It has been our long-held tradition to give each and every patient a colourful, cozy, hand-knitted blanket as part of their Comfort Package, upon arrival at a Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia hospital.

Hamlin blankets and Comfort Packages are an important part of the Hamlin model of care and symbolic of the love and respect with which each fistula patient is embraced once they reach a Hamlin hospital.

Catherine Hamlin and patients

Get involved

Every Hamlin blanket is made by one of our wonderful volunteers around the world, many of whom knit for a range of charities. We are so thankful for the time, love, and care they put into their work.

More blankets are always needed! If you are short on time, feel free to knit a few squares in your spare time.

Alternatively, why not get a group together to make a whole blanket as a special knitting project?

Get your family, friends, school, or local community group involved. It’s a wonderful way to connect with the people around you while providing a gift that will be treasured for many years to come by women in Ethiopia.


  • Knit squares in garter stitch, acrylic yarn in bright colours, No.4mm (UK no.8) needles.
  • Cast on 35-40 stitches to create a 20cm square.
  • Please use DK yarn (8 ply). Please do not use a thicker ply as the blankets become too heavy.
  • Knitted blankets are preferable to crochet as they tend to be warmer.
  • Finish with a simple crocheted or blanket stitch border to strengthen.
  • Small blanket: 30 squares, each 20cm x 20cm, joined to make a blanket 100 x 120 cm approx (5 x 6 squares)
  • Large blanket: 42 squares, each 20 x 20cm, joined to make a blanket 120 x 140cm approx (6 x 7 squares)

How it works

1. Create your blanket with the instructions above.

2. Contact us at [email protected].

3. We’ll be in touch about how to get the blankets to us.

4. Share your handiwork on social, and encourage other knitters to get involved!