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We are so grateful for your interest in supporting women in Ethiopia whose lives are brutally damaged by fistula.

Get your FREE Ethiopian recipe book, full of traditional Ethiopian recipes that you can download.

Cover of Hamlin cooks recipe book

These lovely recipes are the same as those made by women at our Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia hospitals and Desta Mender, our rehabilitation centre. Good nutrition is considered an essential part of a patients healing and recovery.  Enjoy!

Simple and delicious authentic Ethiopian recipes to make at home, enter your details and you will be sent the recipe book by email within minutes.

Amina’s story

Amina is just one of the hundreds of women who are brought to our six fistula hospitals every year.

She had suffered from incontinence and agonising pain every day for 25 years before the team at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia found her.

When Amina arrived for surgery to repair the hole in her body, she was surrounded by the care and compassion of people like you from the very first moment

“I am treated like a queen,” Amina said of her hospital stay. “For me, the motherly care and love itself is like a cure.”

With the Comfort Package that welcomed her, the healthy, hearty meals that nourished her body (like in your recipe book), and the generosity of our Australian supporters, Amina regained her dignity and health.

Helping women like Amina feel clean, loved and nourished is a vital part of their recovery from the agony of obstetric fistula. And it’s all possible thanks to people like you.

If you would like to continue your support and transform the life of another woman like Amina, a kind gift of $56 will fund a Comfort Package including clean fresh clothes, a hand-knitted Hamlin blanket, sanitary items and a lovely homecoming dress.

Thanks again for your compassion and enjoy your recipes. You must try the Spicy Lamb Rack on Page 3. It’s one of the Hamlin team’s favourites!