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Elsabet was born and raised in Jimma, a small farming village in the southwestern Oromia region of Ethiopia, a four-hour walk to the nearest government health clinic.

Soon after marrying she became pregnant. Elsabet went into labour at her mother’s house but, during a long, obstructed labour, her baby died and she sustained serious obstetric fistula injuries that left her leaking urine uncontrollably.

“That was the shameful moment in my life. I become completely hopeless.”

Elsabet is alone

Elsabet’s husband left her and she hid away for years, traumatised and alone. One day she heard about Hamlin’s Addis Ababa fistula hospital. She made the long journey and finally received surgery to repair her fistula injury. She is now completely dry.

Dr Catherine Hamlin and her husband Dr Reg Hamlin opened the Addis Ababa in 1974 to cater for the thousands of women who needed treatment for obstetric fistula. The Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital is now part of a network of six Hamlin fistula hospitals around Ethiopia.

shouldnt this move up and down?

This is an example of the new sticky container functionaily uses a Grid block containing two columns made up of Containers, of whatever width you need your columns to be.

A child Container, which will become the sticky container placed within whichever column you you wish for the sticky element to be in — In this case, the second column.

That parent column Container is given the custom class sticky-column.

The child Container has a class called sticky-container added to it. You can then proceed to put whatever content you wish in it.

Please note:

1. This method will only let the element remain sticky for the length of the content in the first column. It can not span multiple Row Blocks like on the Blog page. This is a limitation of creating editable Blocks that can stick rather than being hardcoded into a page template, like the Blog or Two Column page templates.

2. Since the container is sticky, placing a long item within it, which overflows beneath the bottom of screen will mean that the hidden contents of the Conatiner will not be visible until the entire block has been scrolled.

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This is a Content Block within the Container with sticky-container.

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