Fairtrade Fortnight

Behind Fairtrade products are stories of individuals, families and communities across the world who receive a fair price for their commodities. Fairtrade Fortnight commences Friday 7 August and concludes on Thursday 20 August. The fortnight celebrates the empowerment of individuals to control their livelihoods and build a brighter future. 

The Hamlin Shop promotes unique artisan products and their individual stories. Partnering with communities and Fairtrade artisans from Ethiopia to Ghana, the Hamlin Shop celebrates traditional crafts and recognises that it provides an opportunity to transform lives. Every product is handmade in safe, supportive environments that contribute to the enrichment of livelihoods. What connects our products is their ability to create hope through fairness.

From Bullets to Beads

The Hamlin Shop’s upcycled jewellery collection employs village artisans and five full-time female employees from Entoto Mountain to transform bullets into beautiful handmade beads. Through traditional techniques these women create unique jewellery that brings joy from where there was once harm.

Woven For You

Our Fairtrade textiles are handcrafted in Ethiopia, using traditional weaving techniques and eco-friendly dyes extracted from local plants. Every stage of the production process is handmade, from the spinning of cotton into thread to the finishing details. Cotton is sourced from local farmers and weavers are employed from an Addis Ababa World Fair Trade Organisation facility.

Former patients of the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital are now employed as spinners for this supplier and with the support of Hamlin customers, our orders employ five weavers and spinners full time. This enables the enrichment of women and their families. Explore our gorgeous textiles here and support local Ethiopian artisans, farmers and their communities to create a bright, sustainable future.

Knitted Together

Bring hope and opportunity to women, farmers and their communities by purchasing beautiful, unique handcrafted products.

The Hamlin Shop range of beautiful sustainable, Fairtrade products also includes knitted soft toys. Handmade in Zimbabwe, these toys are a project that empowers and employs local women to build a bright future for themselves and their family. Each toy is unique and proceeds go to the crafters in Zimbabwe as well as helping Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s work in eradicating obstetric fistula. Discover our cute, cheerful soft toys, at the Hamlin Shop.

Wrapped With Love

Desta Mender (Amharic for ‘Joy Village’) is a rehabilitation and reintegration centre for obstetric fistula patients to recover and develop skills that enable women to live independently. Knitted by patients at Joy Village, these scarves and wraps provide the perfect relief from winter whilst supporting patients and Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia in achieving our aim of eradicating obstetric fistula. Forever.

Shopping With Care

Every Fairtrade product contains a story that has enabled individuals and communities to establish a brighter livelihood based on fairness. Purchasing a Fairtrade marked product, crafted in a loving community environment supports this principle and our goal of empowering women everyday.

The Hamlin Model of Care goes beyond medical treatment to restore hope and dignity in all patients. Desta Mender ensures that fistula patients return to their communities with choices, employment opportunities and most importantly, hope. Purchasing Hamlin Fairtrade products means you contribute to change and create hope for women everyday. 

Click here to read more about our Fairtrade artisan products and stories from the Hamlin Shop. 

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