Friends who fundraise together 

Hosting a High Tea for Hamlin is a great way to raise funds for women in Ethiopia suffering with the most horrific, preventable, childbirth injury –  obstetric fistula. Our High Tea community is Australia-wide and we love sharing the stories of our fundraisers and what inspired them to get involved.

Gay and Carol’s yearly High Tea for Hamlin

Gay and Carol are two Hamlin Champions who have held a High Tea for Hamlin every year since 2016. These long-time friends love raising funds and awareness through their annual event.

“I first heard about the work of Dr Catherine Hamlin and the Hospital by the River as a teenager in the 1960’s, through my local church in my home state of Western Australia. Two years ago, when I saw a post on Facebook for interested people to host a High Tea for Hamlin, I was very keen as I knew it was a great cause and something every woman could relate too.

I talked to my friend Gay and we decided to hold our first High Tea in September 2016.  We had 20 ladies attend and all were very keen to learn more of the Hamlin Fistula Hospital work and so helped fundraise. Then again in 2017 and just recently in 2018 we held our third High Tea and this was our most successful, raising around $1146. We had 22 ladies attend and also held a Silent Auction on the day. We also had those who could not attend, give monetary gifts and others who lived far away, able to donate online.  It’s good to be able to show the film trailer of  ‘A Walk to Beautiful’ as this gives ladies a great insight.

As a mother, I could not imagine having to go through such long-extended labour and often not have a baby to love after, and then to develop the fistula problem and be excluded from my family etc.  Therefore, the work of Dr Hamlin is so important for the women in Ethiopia and now Uganda, to know there is help available and then to be educated through childbirth and after.” – Carol

Carol’s fundraising advice

“When planning a fundraising High Tea, my advice would be to do a lot of personal inviting to friends, family, church and community groups that you may be involved in. Posting on Facebook or other social media is also good, sending emails and putting posters up where possible is helpful. And I always carry an invitation or two with me, as you never know when you could meet someone and tell them about your plans.

One such situation occurred for me when I was at a supermarket checkout and telling the operator that I was holding the High Tea and who it was for… the previous customer, who was actually listening, came up and firstly apologised for ‘eavesdropping’ but then said she knew about the Hamlin Hospital and could she come and support my High Tea and she did.

Each year we have had different ladies come, and we look forward to holding our fourth High Tea in 2019.”  – Carol

Physiotherapy for 23 women

This year, Carol and Gay raised $1146, enough to provide physiotherapy for 23 women at the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital. This is just wonderful. We are so thankful for their hard work and ongoing support.

Interested in hearing more about our Hamlin Champions? Check out our Champion page for more stories on our amazing fundraisers.

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