Letter from Hamlin Midwife, Mahlet

“I believe midwifery is the answer – to put a well-trained midwife in every village would eradicate obstetric fistula.”

– Dr Catherine Hamlin

One Hamlin Midwife: Mahlet

Dedicated and passionate about improving women’s lives, Hamlin Midwife Mahlet graduated in 2016 and started working at a Hamlin-supported midwifery clinic in Amarit, near her hometown. 

Mahlet is one of the almost 200 graduates from the Hamlin College of Midwives. They have become the bedrock of fistula prevention in rural communities, with incredible results – villages with a Hamlin Midwife see close to no cases of fistula.

Mahlet’s letter

Below is a letter from Mahlet written for all our Australian supporters:

Dear Hamlin supporters,

This has been a difficult year for many Hamlin Midwives. The extensive training we received at the Hamlin College of Midwives prepared us for many different situations, but none of us expected to work in the middle of a pandemic!

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the current state of maternal health care in Ethiopia. Some people are worried about contracting the virus from health centres, so they have avoided getting the care they need. In some places, the lockdown has made it harder to travel to the nearest midwifery clinic.

Thankfully, we Hamlin Midwives have built up trust in our local communities, making it easier for us to communicate accurate, life-saving information. Working at the Amarit Midwifery Clinic, I am serving the same community I was grown in and means that I can speak the local language and understand specific concerns of the community.

Locals prefer to visit Hamlin graduates because of the reputation of the College and the quality care we provide.

I am so proud to be a Hamlin Midwife – our work means more babies are safely delivered and far less women suffer fistula injuries. We can only do this thanks to supporters like you in Australia.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support of Hamlin Midwives. I hope next year brings new light for you all.

Hamlin Midwife

A Hamlin Midwife brings care and compassion, a quality education, and the means to create lasting change. She prevents obstetric fistula and saves countless lives.

Just ONE Hamlin Midwife, like Mahlet, can prevent countless fistulas and transform an entire community.

Thank you for supporting Hamlin Midwives this year. To learn more about Hamlin Midwives and to see how you can help, click here

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