Midwives in the Making

Meet two of our midwives-in-the-making, Tsinat and Rahmet!

Every year bright young women from diverse regions of Ethiopia are awarded a scholarship to study midwifery at the Hamlin College of Midwives. This world-class college produces quality midwives who go on to prevent fistula and save lives.

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia‘s prevention program is key to our goal of eradicating obstetric fistula in Ethiopia. After completing their four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Midwifery, our graduates return to serve their communities. It is Dr Catherine Hamlin’s dream to have ‘a midwife in every village of Ethiopia.’

Tsinat  –  1st Year Midwifery Student

Aspiring health professional Tsinat did not expect to study midwifery. Born and raised in a small rural town called Bedeno, close to the Harar Hamlin Fistula Centre, Tsinat’s exceptional results in the national college entrance exams brought her to the attention of the screening team at the Hamlin College of Midwives. Successfully completing the college’s entrance test, she was awarded one of twenty scholarships this year.

“After I witnessed the beauty of the college premise, the motherly care of the house mothers, the world-class teaching aids and the outstanding work of Hamlin, I confirmed that I get my dream which is midwifery.”

Tsinat started her education with little knowledge about obstetric fistula but now she understands the importance of her role in helping the women of her community. Her future vocation as a midwife will certainly create tangible impacts in changing the lives of countless women.

Rahmet –  2nd Year Midwifery Student

Growing up in Yayo, a rural town close to Hamlin’s Metu Fistula Hospital, Rahmet was always top of her class. Her dream to become a health professional was realised when she was accepted into the Hamlin College of Midwives.

“Health education is my longtime dream and here at Hamlin I am studying my dream and one of the best professions in the world.”

Rahmet continues to excel at the Hamlin College of Midwives, achieving outstanding results in her midwifery training. With her academic acumen and passion for healthcare, we look forward to the day when Rahmet returns to serve in her village, helping care for mothers and actively contributing in the fight to eradicate to obstetric fistula.

Bright futures

Presently, there are 95 students at the Hamlin College for Midwives. They will then go on to join our 145 graduates staffing 48 rural midwifery clinics around the country.

In an environment where giving birth becomes a matter of life and death, a midwife can make all the difference.

This crucial training would not be possible without the support of our generous donors. Thanks to you, the Hamlin College of Midwives has become a major cornerstone in creating better maternal health outcomes and a better future.

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