Ayinalem’s Story

Your support has freed Ayinalem from her fistula injury and a life of misery and solitude.

After tragically losing her baby during childbirth, and suffering an obstetric fistula, Ayinalem spent months hiding alone with her grief and shame.

She had no idea that a cure was available for her condition until she heard a Project Zero radio announcement urging her and other women with fistula to come to Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia for treatment.

With the help of Hamlin staff, Ayinalem made her way to the Hamlin Metu Fistula Hospital, where her life was transformed by a simple fistula repair surgery, taking just two hours to complete.

“After I came to this hospital I got treated and cured. Thank you for taking care of me.” — Ayinalem

During her stay, Ayinalem regained her health, dignity, and confidence, with the Hamlin Model of Care providing treatment for both her physical and psychological wounds.

Up to 31,000 Ethiopian women like Ayinalem still live with the pain and indignity of an untreated obstetric fistula injury – and up to 1,000 new cases occur each year.

Our mission is to make these numbers ZERO. Going from door-to-door, Woreda-by-Woreda, our goal is to find and treat every woman in Ethiopia living with obstetric fistula and do all in our power to prevent child birth injuries in the future.

With your support, we are confident it will be achieved.

Watch this lovely video of Ayinalem’s story below.

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