Hamlin’s Maternity Waiting Area: Helping More Women!

Pioneering best practice is not a new phenomenon at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. On 28th March 2019, an innovative, high-quality maternity waiting area in the Amarit Government Health Centre was officially inaugurated.

A new initiative

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia constructed the new waiting area as part of its prevention program; the space can accommodate 10 pregnant women at any given time, thus minimising the rate of home deliveries for women from rural villages. In Ethiopia close to a million babies are still delivered at home each year without skilled attendants. Recently, a move towards tackling this problem was created with the ‘Zero Home Delivery’ initiative being implemented by the government and health partners. Part of this initiative is the construction of waiting areas in rural clinics, allowing pregnant women to present to the clinic prior to their delivery date and receive medical assistance to ensure the safest possible delivery.

The Amarit Government Health Centre is a rural clinic partnered with Hamlin’s Bahir Dar Fistula Hospital. It is one of 66 rural Hamlin-supported clinics in Ethiopia. For many women in regional areas, the ability to travel long distances on their delivery day is near-impossible due to difficult terrain and transportation limitations. The new Hamlin waiting area at the Amarit Government Health Centre will give women from remote villages a place to stay, and access to care, in the lead up to their due date.

Pioneering the facilities women need

Prior to Hamlin’s new maternity waiting area, facilities for expectant mothers in the area were lacking and were hampered by poor construction quality and few supplies. The Hamlin Maternity Waiting Area at the Amarit Clinic is unique not only in the quality of its construction but also its patient-centric design. It is a safe place with a focus on making the space comfortable and practical for women. Patient lockers and wide spaces – considerations that had hitherto not been catered for – will give the expectant mothers ease of mind.

More than just a waiting area

The head of the Amarit Government Health Centre, Mulugeta Buzyeha remarked that “it is not just a waiting area: it is also an attraction for mothers to deliver at our clinic. It will definitely increase deliveries. Even before we started the service, we have witnessed the community’s reaction: they have loved it! Thank you Hamlin and those of you involved in supporting the project.”

When pregnant women have access to medical care, the risk of complications arising from obstructed labour is massively reduced. Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia is constantly working towards providing patients with the highest quality care.

Will you help us provide expectant mothers with the care they deserve?

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