Mazaa’s second chance at life

Hope for her future 

Since our Rehabilitation and Reintegration Appeal in September, over 490 women have completed education programs.

One of these women is Mazaa. Mazaa was just a teenager living in a remote farming village when she married a farmer and soon fell pregnant.

Mazaa’s labour took place at home and lasted an excruciating six days before tragically ending in a stillbirth. Afterwards, she remained in terrible pain. She had suffered a double fistula and had severe leg contractures. Her husband left her and Mazaa lay in an isolated room with only her parents attending to her.

Four years later, her family heard about a place where she could be healed and were intent on taking her there.

Mazaa’s injuries were so severe, she needed multiple surgeries at Hamlin’s Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital, over 12-months, as well as intensive physiotherapy. Her final surgery was three months ago. Mazaa is now completely dry.

While this could have been a traumatic year for Mazaa, living at Desta Mender helped both her physical recovery and her confidence, through vocational training to help her re-enter community life.

Mazaa believes she now has a second chance at life thanks to the Hamlin team’s program at Desta Mender, a key part of the comprehensive Hamlin Model of Care.

Mazaa is one of 60,000 women who have had their life restored thanks to Dr Catherine Hamlin and her team. You can read more moving and inspiring patient stories here. 

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