Hamlin’s success in preventing fistula

Transforming maternal health in rural Ethiopia

Where a midwife is often the difference between life and death, the deployment of Hamlin midwives has transformed healthcare for rural mothers in Ethiopia.

Nested among the hills of Eastern Ethiopia, the Hamlin Midwifery Clinic in the Jarso Health Centre is making a profound impact on the local community.

Since Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s partnership with the Jarso Health Centre began, four graduates of the Hamlin College of Midwives have been deployed.

Hamlin midwives, Seada and Mawerdi, were the first professional midwives in the clinic’s history, building relationships with the local community. The trust that the clinic has engendered has seen local women preferring to give birth at the clinic rather than at home, drastically reducing the likelihood of an obstetric fistula developing and a baby’s life being lost. The installation of solar power and the construction of accommodation for the midwives has transformed the clinic to a sustainable place for quality healthcare.

“Hamlin has transformed the maternal healthcare service of Jarso Health Centre,” says Mebkiyu, a senior midwife who mentors graduates in the surrounds of the Hamlin’s Harar Regional Fistula Hospital, “Hamlin is the biggest and oldest partner of the clinic, supporting it through deploying skilled midwives, supplying essential medicines and equipment, and renovating the maternity ward. The combination of these three things results in the high success rates that the clinic is known for.”

The impact of midwives

The impact of Hamlin’s support can be felt in the 1,300 annual deliveries that take place at the clinic, a remarkable growth from the 36 annual deliveries that occurred when Hamlin started working with the clinic in 2011. The clinic’s achievements in maternal healthcare and childbirth were recognised with a regional government award.

Seada and Mawerdi are now teachers at the Hamlin College of Midwives where they are imparting their practical experience on a new generation of midwives. The College recruits talented students from regional areas and awards them scholarships. This vital education is thanks to your generosity.

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