One Woman: Neima

Name: Neima
Age: Unknown
Home village: Dogu, East Ethiopia

Growing up in a remote, mountainous part of Ethiopia, Neima had no access to medical care during her pregnancy. Like her mother, she planned to deliver at home, however her labour was excruciating and unending.

After two days of pushing, Neima was carried on a homemade stretcher to the nearest health clinic hours away, but her labour was very complicated. It was too late. A further two days passed, and she eventually gave birth to a stillborn baby. Heartbroken, and injured from the birth, Neima was discharged home. As well as tragically losing her baby, Neima was also left incontinent from her injuries.

While Neima prayed for her body to heal, her life fell apart – her husband left, and her family lost their only income in order to care for her. After living like this for months, Neima eventually travelled a long way to another hospital, where she was diagnosed with a fistula and referred to Hamlin’s Harar Fistula Hospital. Here she received life-changing treatment with holistic and compassionate care.

Neima is now back in her community, cured – living full of hope as a new woman, slowly transforming her community by sharing her experience.

If Neima was able to access a Hamlin midwife like Mahlet during her labour, her fistula wouldn’t have occurred, and her baby would be alive.

By making a tax-deductible donation here this Christmas, you can help train more Hamlin midwives to help prevent fistula. Women like Neima should never have to suffer the pain and indignity of a fistula. 

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