A life of service: Segereda’s story

As a young woman, Segereda arrived at Hamlin’s Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital with a horrific obstetric fistula injury.

She was welcomed and treated by Drs Reg and Catherine Hamlin and stayed on at the hospital as one of their earliest staff members.

Twenty-five years ago, during her visit to the hospital, Sam Bloom met Segereda. They reconnected on Christmas Day last year when Sam returned to the hospital with her family. Cameron, Sam’s husband, captured this special moment!

Today, Segereda is retired and lives with other retired staff members in a specially-made house on the hospital grounds.

She tells us what life at the hospital has meant to her: “I am very happy to live and work in this hospital. I love to work in the operating room. Seeing the patients cured means a lot to me.

“I also received treatment and care from this loving staff. I proudly praise Abaye (Father, Reg) and Emaye (Mother, Catherine) for their dedication to supporting us.

“After I left my home in search of treatment, Abaye and Emaye became my family. They raised me and gave me this opportunity.”

“Emaye is the most caring mother I ever had. I miss her so much. I believe that she is watching from heaven. She has a good heart.” – Segereda

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