Alemtsehay once hoped for death. Thanks to you, she’s now a happy mother.

We believe every mother should be able to deliver her baby safely and without harm. Sadly, this was not Alemtsehay’s reality.

Alemtsehay is from a small village in the remote countryside with no access to a healthcare facility. With her first pregnancy, in 2007, she laboured at home for seven days. On the seventh day she could not push anymore and was unable to move her legs. Exhausted, she blacked out.

Her husband and other men from the village carried her for many hours on a homemade stretcher to a health centre. Her baby did not survive.

The long obstructed labour had caused serious damage. Alemtsehay had suffered severe muscle and nerve damage and a double fistula. She was unable to walk and was completely incontinent of urine and faeces.

“No one came close to me except my husband because of the stench. Death is more preferable than living with such a hated condition.” – Alemtsehay

Alemtsehay’s husband did his best to look after his wife. He moved her from side to side on her bed and washed her four times every day.

After eight months of suffering and hopelessness, Alemtsehay heard about Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia on the local radio. She and her husband travelled on the bus for more than two days to the hospital.

Upon her arrival, Alemtsehay was embraced with tender loving care. She was given nutritious food, a handmade blanket and empathy from other patients and staff. After three months of treatment, Alemtsehay could walk again, her fistula had been repaired and she was able to return home.

This year in August we were thrilled to see Alemtsehay return to Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia to have a clean, safe, caesarean. She delivered a beautiful, healthy baby. Mum and bub are both happy and doing well.

“My current existence in life as a normal woman again is all because of this hospital and the motherly care I got here. God bless all of you and the founder of this hospital.”

Photo by Joni Kabana

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