A Shang-High Tea!

Who doesn’t love a tea party? Especially when it’s for such a good cause!  

High Tea for Hamlin is a fantastic time of year to get together with some friends, work colleagues or family and hold an afternoon of fun and food, while raising vital funds for the work of Dr Catherine Hamlin and her team.

Supporters from all across Australia get involved in hosting events for the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation and the response is absolutely incredible. Last year, enough funds were raised to provide life-changing fistula surgeries to 350 patients. Our supporters are so passionate about the cause that they hold High Teas around the globe, raising awareness of the plight of fistula sufferers in Ethiopia.

Not one, but TWO High Teas for Hamlin – meet Charlotte and Athena

Charlotte and Athena, two teachers in Shanghai, held two High Teas for Hamlin and had such a wonderful response from their students and staff that they have decided this will be an annual event.

“It’s an exciting time to be alive. We are living through what feels like a period of great turmoil, but really, this is a dynamic period in which we must come together and fight for the health and well-being of the world’s most vulnerable people.” – Charlotte

Their High Tea event was held at SMIC International School and they welcomed 42 guests for their afternoon, an afternoon filled with food, fun, and raffles while learning more about Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia and the incredible work of Dr Catherine Hamlin.

“I support Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia because they represent a type of compassion that transcends sex, gender, class, and religious affiliation. I work as a teacher in Shanghai, China, a place where uncomfortable conversations are not had, even in the expat communities. Now, more than ever, we need to have those uncomfortable conversations about women’s health, and to use our gifts and privilege to educate those on a topic which is too often swept under the rug.” – Charlotte 

From the two events, Charlotte and Athena sold over 500 raffle tickets and, with funds raised on the day from tickets and general donations, raised over $4,000 for the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation. This is enough to pay for six life-restoring fistula surgeries!

Beyond the funds raised

For Charlotte, this is not the only important result of their High Teas…

“The two ‘Shang-High Teas’ raised roughly $4000, but more importantly, it opened up a dialogue which had never been experienced by many of the attendees. Fistula, like any taboo subject, grows in the dark and quiet spaces. The good news is that it cannot survive the light. It is vanquished the moment it is acknowledged.

We must keep fighting for fistula sufferers, and for the precious children born into a world which will only have opportunities if we start giving back with our abundant hearts. One surgery, or caesarean section, or one midwifery scholarship is all it takes to profoundly affect and empower a whole community of people.” – Charlotte

Get involved

This year, join Team Hamlin and supporters like Charlotte and Athena, and host an event to help women who are suffering from this debilitating childbirth injury. Your event can be big or small, morning or afternoon, with tea or champagne. Host it at home, work, school, church or in your local community.

For more information on how to get involved and to sign up click here or call 02 9440 7001.

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